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Trends in Fashion & Finance 02.17.2016

"You can do this. Commit to making your financial independence a part of your life, and then find the pace and the partners who can help you get there."


Repeat after me: I AM GOOD WITH MONEY

My goal for every woman is the opportunity to live a life full of choices. That means something different for everyone. For one woman it may mean leaving corporate America and moving to the desert to paint. For another it might mean being able to take a major trip abroad every year. For a third, it may be being able to set up a college fund for each of her grandchildren. No matter what your choices are – they all depend you accomplishing one thing. Financial. Independence.

In order to do that, you need to put all of your doubt away right now and realize that you ARE GOOD WITH MONEY. Saying you’re bad with money is an excuse to not have to engage with it. Whether or not you are a good cook, doesn’t mean that you don’t eat three times a day. Right!? There are so many ways for you to conquer this. But first, you must commit to making your financial independence a part of your life, and then find the pace and the partners who can help you get there.

Here are some ideas to help you over the hump and start believing in yourself in the financial arena.

  • 1

    What Are Your Goals?

    Determine what your long term, non-monetary goals are. What choices would you make if you lived a life full of choices? What will you need financially to make these choices a reality? Set the benchmark for success.

  • 2

    Find Support.

    You can engage a financial advisor. You can sign up for a learning annex class on budgeting. Or, my favorite: you can get a group of girlfriends together once a month to discuss your strategies, investments, and financial success stories. (Like a book club, but so much more rewarding.) Women are great at cooperating. There is no reason why you should do this alone. We all learn from experience and partnering up with friends and advisors just increases your opportunity to access that experience and that advice.

    (And if you’re doing that investment/wine group, please invite me!)

  • 3

    Take your time.

    Studies show that women consider their options with more detail than men do. There is no shame in doing your homework. Consider all of the options. Ask questions. Then ask them again. Feel confident about the choices that you make. Then don’t doubt yourself.

  • 4

    Tell me what you think!

    I am interested in learning what helps you conquer your financial fears? Leave notes in the comments below. Or, ask me a question! We’re in this together. How can I help you?

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