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Miscellaneous 05.11.2016

"Most of all, always contributing to my financial portfolio is what makes me feel the most confident.” - Dr. Theri Raby

Women Who Rock: Dr. Theri Raby

Every time I run through my list of favorite ladies to choose my next subject for Women Who Rock – I get excited. I know that after I interview her and reacquaint myself with her backstory and learn about her approach to financial independence, I am going to get to fall in love with her all over again. Case in point: my dear friend Dr. Theri Raby. I met Dr. Raby nearly 10 years ago and what I loved about her immediately was her holistic approach to medicine.  She always makes me feel comfortable and never rushes the appointment. She always takes the time to talk to me. A rarity in the medical field these days! Her peers agree with me that she is spectacular! She was named “Physician Entrepreneur of the Year 2012” by Modern Healthcare and Modern Physician Magazine. As she says on her website: “It is my desire to empower my patients to view Health as an Art of Living. Like any other art form it takes practice, discipline, and support to master.”

Of course, we learned that we both love fashion and now we sometimes talk about fashion just as much as my health during our visits!  Also, of great import? She has the best shoe collection I have ever seen.

When I interviewed her for my Women Who Rock column, this is what she had to say:  

What makes you feel confident? In your closet?

“Every day I wear a piece of jewelry that has purpose. If I have a power meeting, I will wear a turquoise stone, which means power, or a vintage piece from my grandmother for strength, or an amethyst for good intentions. I am a major shoe woman too. I wear a shoe with purpose and always a heel!”

What makes you feel confident in your financial portfolio?

“Knowing my portfolio is complete, diverse, and that I trust all the pieces of my portfolio. Each investment serves a purpose. Most of all, always contributing to my financial portfolio is what makes me feel the most confident.”

At what age did you start planning for your financial independence?

“When I got married, I merged my assets with my husband but really started saving more after medical school.”

What was good about starting to save when you did?

“I was pretty young but I knew the power of compounding interest, so both my husband and I made saving a priority from the start. We figured out a way to always save money toward our goals- we agreed that there was no reason to put it off. “

What was bad about it?

Nothing was bad! My only regret was our approach was a bit too conservative at the start – since we had more time, we could have taken some bigger risks with the hope of a bigger return. But at the time but felt we didn’t have a lot to lose so we were very careful about our investments.

How would you define your saving style?

My saving style is Always Be Contributing. Like my closet, my portfolio has purpose.

What financial goals are you currently working on?

My husband and I are very goal oriented. We are currently working on planning the next 10 years. As our kids are getting older, our lifestyle is changing. We want to make sure we maintain our lifestyle.

What makes you feel rich? (It might not be money!)

Providing for my family is the most important thing to me. I want to make sure I provide for my kids post-college. This will give me a real sense of accomplishment.

My profession also makes me feel rich. I enjoy working with patients and helping them be as holistically healthy as possible!



The interviewee and their respective companies are not affiliated with LPL Financial and Stonebridge Wealth Advisors LLC




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