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Featured 10.03.2018

"What makes me feel rich is being in the position to be generous on every occasion."


1200 children blessed, 150 teachers helped, and over 500 moms made over.

Since 2016, the Daisie Foundation has left an imprint in the lives of hundreds of women and children in Chicago—and in 2019 with the help of 15 non-profits, the Daisie Foundation will be making its way to make the same impact in two more cities.

The catalyst for change behind this? Meet Julie Hightower.

Julie is a southern charm who has made fierce moves in the city of Chicago with her show, A Better Day with Julie. “I want all woman to have the opportunity to feel confident from the inside and out,” Julie said in my interview with her. And that is just what Julie does. Giving is not something that Julie recently started though—as her family roots back to Memphis, Tennessee, and her and her sister were later raised in St. Louis, where her mom, dad and grandmother instilled in them the gift of giving. In Julie’s family, philanthropy is a part who they are.

In addition to her show and the Daisie Foundation, every year, Julie hosts, “The Leading Ladies Luncheon” where 100’s of women gather together in Chicago in support of helping other women to be confident from the inside and out.

So, to say the least, I am so excited for you to meet Julie as our newest RWR woman. You will be inspired, I promise!

What makes you feel confident…In your closet?

Bright and colorful clothing!

…In your financial portfolio?

Multiple streams of income. This is so important in anyone’s financial portfolio—never settle for just one!

At what age did you start planning for your financial independence?


What was good about starting to save when you did?

My parents truly modeled this for me and my sister. They required us to get jobs a month after we turned sixteen. I made my first stock purchase at seventeen. They required a savings plan and spend account.  By having this experience, it taught me responsibility, work ethic, respect for money, and independence

What was bad about it?

At the time, I thought my parents were absolutely unreasonable and tough. I certainly appreciate it now as an adult.

How would you define your saving style?

I am a conservative saver, but I can always save more, of course.

What financial goals are you currently working on?

My current financial goals are to add more streams of income, invest in more businesses, and buy more stock and real estate.

What makes you feel rich? (It might not be money!)

What makes me feel rich is being in the position to be generous on every occasion. I want to be a giver more than a receiver. My life is truly enriched when I see others blessed.


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