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Women Who Rock 05.31.2017

"The bad part was, as much as I wanted to enjoy material things, I had to delay gratification in my 20s. It was tough but I can tell you that the financial freedom that I have today was worth the wait."

Woman Who Rocks: Courtney Wright

When I first launched Rich Women Rock, I was so excited to create a place where women could learn how to enrich their lives with choices by weaving sound financial strategies into their already fabulous lives. I couldn’t have imagined at the time that my life would become enriched by RWR too – primarily because of all the amazing women who I have had the pleasure of connecting with as a result of the blog. One of those extraordinary ladies is Courtney Wright. I met her mere weeks after my launch — she called and asked me to have coffee with her. We quickly learned that we have tons in common and became fast friends. She’s energetic and entrepreneurial to the core, bursting with her signature style: get-up-and-go.

Courtney and her husband own a framing, moulding, and custom enclosure company, Gemini Builds It . They can do almost anything, from custom framing to building stunning exhibit cases, or printing gorgeous photos for display. She’s in the business of preserving memories for a lifetime, and she’s the ultimate roll model as both a woman who is acing life and a business owner who is designing her own success. I can’t wait for you to meet her!

What makes you feel confident? In your closet and in your financial portfolio?

To me rocking a power outfit from one of my favorite designers: Basler, MaxMara,or Burberry is what makes me feel confident.

As far as finances go, I am an avid believer in maxing out my 401K. It’s the easiest thing to do that will have the greatest impact on my future. Saving money provides a comfortable space for me mentally and allows me to focus on living in the moment. Because I believe I am my best self when I am confident with my finances, I work with my advisors to ensure I am providing the same level of opportunity for financial security for my employees, too.

At what age did you start planning your financial independence? What was good about it? What was bad?

The day I left college, I was lucky enough to meet a financial advisor in my early 20s. As I started my life as an adult, he got me started on the right track – always encouraging saving early and often!

The good part was, that I quickly became inspired and driven by the doubling factor. (Otherwise known as compounding.) It took decades, but the day that you get to do the math and realize that your worth has essentially doubled over the years, and all you had to do is be consistent with your savings, is a pretty great day.

The bad part was, as much as I wanted to enjoy material things, I had to delay gratification in my 20s. It was tough but I can tell you that the financial freedom that I have today was worth the wait. And, it doesn’t hurt to have a husband who is so good at keeping my hands off the credit cards!

How would you define your saving style?

Focus on the long term. There is really no such thing as getting rich quick. You just have to do the work. My husband and I work very hard to keep our debt to a minimum.  Also, we keep a close eye on our investments. You can’t just invest and walk away. You need to make sure that your money is working for you. Scheduling quarterly reviews where you take the time to look at the trends and take note of which investments are best serving you  is a great way to keep everything in check.

What financial goals are you currently working on?

I am in the process of building a holding company that is designed to grow with our family and staff. Stay tuned …

What makes you feel rich?

Taking time to do things with my family and friends where I am 100% available physically and emotionally.

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