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Featured 01.01.2016

“From now on, we are replacing the word impossible with I’M POSSIBLE. Because you are.”

Wiping the Slate Clean: Your Financial Independence Reboot

Happy New Year!

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent the holidays eating well, catching up on sleep, and having fun. Of course, all of this while never forgetting your vow to change your life as soon as the clock strikes midnight on December 31. Thanks to the laser-sharp willpower that you will be applying to your carefully crafted New Year’s resolution, you will be well on your way to a whole new you before long!

And now it’s January and it all seems so far away.

Let’s clean the slate. Welcome to Rich Women Rock. Here, I am going to share financial guidance for women using all that I’ve learned as a Certified Financial Planner™ professional for more than two decades. Think of Rich Women Rock as a love letter to the determined, inspired, creative, fierce, fashionable, and fun women who have graced my life over the years. I believe in these women. These women have my back, and I theirs. But I worry too. As a financial advisor, I know that so many of the women whom I love and admire have put off planning for their financial future.

These are women who celebrate their independence and the myriad choices that define their today, but they aren’t thinking about the choices that they might want to make for tomorrow. And these are women who plan for everything! They plan their personal style, career trajectory, vacations, love lives, their children’s upbringing. It always surprises me that these same women look into the future – the last 20-30 years of their lives – and assume that it will all just seamlessly work out without very much forethought!?

It stops here. No judgments. No shame. I mean it when I say A CLEAN SLATE. I am not here to bemoan the past. I am here to help you make planning for your future a part of your life vision. Because you deserve to get everything that you want.

And here’s the great news. No matter where you are in life, successful financial planning is not impossible. In fact, from now on, we are replacing the word impossible with I’M POSSIBLE. Because you are.

We’ll do it together.

Rich Women Rock will help you make the smart, savvy financial moves that will let you live the life that you choose – from today on. I firmly believe that you can do the things that you love while still preparing to take care of yourself and enjoy your future to its fullest. Saving does not have to mean sacrifice. Planning does not have to mean pain.

All it takes is a little focus, a little courage, and a healthy dose of moxie. And, I know you have all of these things going for you – just look at your closet!

So come along for the ride. Check out my blog – I’ll be posting a handful of times every week. And yes, I will talk a lot about money and saving and investing and planning – but I’m going to do so against a fabulous and fashionable backdrop of bold, fantastic fun.

Join me! It’s going to rock.

3 reasons why women need to save more

  • 1

    Women live longer generally

    Women need to prepare to have enough money to live for – at least – 8 years following a spouse’s death.

  • 2

    Women often spend fewer years in the workforce

    Women need investments that work harder because their lifetime gross income and/or pension payout is often less than their male counterparts who spend more years in the workforce.

  • 3

    Women are often the caregivers

    Women often put their own saving on hold during prime earning years in order to raise children or support elderly parents.

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