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Trends in Fashion & Finance 06.29.2016

"The Movie of Your Life exercise is an opportunity for you to get real with yourself about how much you need to live off of. No judgments. You still have time to save what you need."

The Movie Of Your Life

After weeks of talking about the importance of Mentorship, we’ve been focusing a lot on improving your quality of life in the here and now. But what about the future? What is that going to look like?

A few years into my career, my attitudes towards life planning underwent a serious overhaul when I went to a business coaching workshop. There, I was introduced to the concept of The Movie of Your Life and it rocked my world. The speaker was talking about how important it is to think about the WHAT before you consider your options for the HOW when looking at financial planning for retirement. As in…what do you really want your life to look like? If anything were possible (and it is!) what will your life look like 30, 40, or 50 years in the future?

Where will you be? Are you living in your hometown or do you want one or two pied-a-terres in cities around the world? Will you be meditating in your very own yurt surrounded by nature?

What will you be doing? Will your favorite hobby become a daily pursuit? Will you volunteer? Will you spend your afternoon lunching with the ladies? Will you finally write that book?

Who will be with you? Will you be involved in the daily lives of your children or grandchildren? Will you travel with friends? Will you have a significant other by your side?

The Movie of Your Life exercise that I did for the first time that day made me think differently about my future. The woman who led the exercise actually lowered the lights and served popcorn. She encouraged us to sit back, throw our lives up on the big screen, and look at our future from an anything’s possible point of view. Quickly, I realized that if I started planning for what I want now, then I can make it happen! I think that too many people look at the future and say: I need to save money so that I can do what I want when I get older. But if you don’t know WHAT you’re planning for, how will you know how much you’ll need?

Take the gift of free time that summertime often brings and try The Movie of Your Life exercise for yourself. Sit back. Get real with yourself about how much you need to live off of. No judgments. You still have time to save what you need. Then, consider what you want your life to be…someday. Research how much that will cost. You can find my companion worksheet here ….use it as your guide as you write your very own screenplay. I can’t wait to find out how it ends!

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