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Featured 02.18.2017

"Brenda is an inspiration to many women and she expanded her writing to start 1010ParkPlace for one of the best-educated, wealthiest demographic in history: women over 50." #thefierce50

Make Life Count: Style is Ageless

Illustration by Beth Briggs

Wow! What a day! The 50th day of the year, celebrating women over 50.  A powerful demographic as we have strong purchasing power. As we all were invited to join this movement, we are paired with another fellow blogger. I am proud to introduce to you Brenda Coffee and her website, I spent some time getting to know her and I know you’ll love her too!

Brenda has a fascinating background. With a degree in Journalism and Film, Brenda wrote for top magazines, including Southwest Airlines Spirit, where she wrote first person adventure articles and was the first journalist to drive and fire the Army’s M-1 tank. She’s traveled the world, digging for Mayan artifacts and diving for underwater treasure. She single-handedly did a takeover of a public company where she joined the board of directors, restructured management and later sold the company to Big Pharma.

In 2004, Brenda was diagnosed with breast cancer. Her website, BreastCancerSisterhood, was repeatedly voted the Top Breast Cancer Blog and only survivorship resource, and she published two books, “Husbands and Hero’s, the Breast Cancer Caregiver” and “The Breast Cancer Sisterhood.” As a result, Brenda became high-profile and speaks at Internet Week in NYC, women-focused business and health conferences like the Texas Conference for Women, the largest conference for women in the country. Brenda is an inspiration to many women and she expanded her writing to start 1010ParkPlace for one of the best-educated, wealthiest demographic in history: women over 50.

On 1010ParkPlace you can find like-minded women and relevant conversations about everything from finances to fashion, music, food, health, death of a spouse, divorce and sex. 1010ParkPlace offers bold conversations to reawaken your passions and make every minute of life count! In addition to her own popular blog, Brenda has 20 women—and one man—who write for her, including 80’s supermodel, Kim Alexis; iconic makeup artist, Sandy Linter and the founding appraiser of “Antiques Roadshow,” Nick Dawes.

I love her style… She’s sassy, transparent and no topics are off limits! My kind of woman. I’ve spent some time on her blog and can’t wait to learn more. Cheers!

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