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Featured 12.14.2016

"With New Year’s Resolutions on the horizon – I thought I would make a small list of things that I hope you do (if you’re not already,) in 2017."

Financial New Year’s Resolutions

It’s our last post of the 2016! It’s been an amazing year for me and for our Rich Women Rock community. It’s crazy to think that our January 2016 launch is 12 months back in the rear-view mirror! Since then, we have covered a ton of territory – from maxing out your investment contributions before the end of the year, to teaching kids about money and whether to rent or buy your home. I hope your life is feeling a little bit richer as the year comes to a close. I know mine is – because of all of you!

We will be back and posting on January 4, 2017. But – until then – what’s next!? With New Year’s Resolutions on the horizon – I thought I would make a small list of things that I hope you do (if you’re not already,) in 2017.

These are the RWR essentials. Try to make them happen.

  • 1

    Get Organized.

    This is one of the most common battle cries of every January 1. This is the year that I get organized, you say. And, while making sure that your junk drawer stays under control is indeed important – I would argue that getting your financial life organized should top the list of your organizational goals. Here’s what I want you to do:


    Put all of your information about all of your investments in one place. Every stock certificate. Every mutual fund report. Bank statements. Insurance information. Your Employee Benefits. EVERYTHING.


    Do yourself a favor and please create a file or box that you can grab in a rush and feel confident that everything you need is there. When there is an emergency, and you need to know where you stand and fast, having your information scattered all over the place will be a drag! With a little advance thought – you can avoid chaos and confusion in a great moment of need.

  • 2

    Get Insured.

    Health Insurance. Yes. Health Insurance is having a tough year, and the choices may seem limited– but frustration is no reason to overlook health insurance. You have until January 31, 2017 to enroll in a health insurance plan for the year – don’t wait. An uninsured illness or accident can wreak havoc with your financial life. It’s not worth it.


    Disability Insurance. Your health is your greatest financial asset. But, if you get hurt or are ill, and cannot work, then Disability Insurance is a close second. Disability Insurance will allow you to live comfortably and focus on healing should something happen to you that affects your ability to earn money. Not having disability insurance will bring your life to a screeching halt if something unexpected happens.


    Life Insurance. Life insurance in every form can protect your family in the event that something catastrophic happens to you. It’s such an easy thing to do and it can have such a great impact on you and your family no matter where the trajectory of your life takes you.

  • 3

    Get Committed.

    Please promise me that you will take the time this coming January, to review your cash flow, get closely acquainted with where your money goes, and make a commitment to increase your savings in 2017. This work – while emotionally difficult for some – is so important. You will undoubtedly find some easy things that you can do to re-allocate some cash to your savings efforts. You will find areas where it will be easy to cut back. You may even find that you didn’t know where some of your money was going! A little bit of effort now will payoff in 2017 and exponentially in the future. Every month that you put this off is a month that you are stealing from yourself in retirement.  Be your own best friend and look out for the future you. Start saving!

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