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Featured 10.25.2017

"One of the centerpiece themes here at Rich Women Rock is the idea that every woman should live a life full of choices."

Trending: Travel The Globe & Work Remotely

One of the centerpiece themes here at Rich Women Rock is the idea that every woman should live a life full of choices. Certainly choices come in many forms throughout a lifetime…and we talk a lot about how savvy money management and prioritizing financial planning can open up entire worlds of opportunity with every passing decade. After all, there is no greater luxury than living the life that you want to live. (Rather than a life that you have to live.)

Technology has also added a new element of freedom to all of our lives that our parents weren’t lucky enough to enjoy. Perhaps the most profound is the fact that we are no longer tethered to our homes or offices – we can work, share, stay in touch, and meet up with one another, virtually.

Speaking of living a life that you want to live…a couple of programs have caught my eye lately. They’re allowing people the opportunity to travel the world without giving up one’s income stream. So smart! And so do-able! Two companies, Remote Year and We Roam, have launched programs where they plan a world-trip with 12 destinations – one each month – and invite participants to enjoy the joys of world travel while still working for an employer in the U.S. remotely.

Taking an Eat Pray Love-style year off to travel the world was once a dream that few professionals could attain. It meant setting aside a year’s worth of income to live off of, quitting a job, interrupting a career path  – while also letting your retirement fund suffer a year without a deposit. And, while world travel is fulfilling and inspiring – even life-altering –negotiating a workable solution was a challenge for most.

Technology and the ability to work remotely has changed all of this. Suddenly, keeping your income, maintaining your investment contributions, keeping a career track intact is all possible…Oh…and did I mention you get to do all this while spending next December living in Bali!?

I would love to see some of my Rich Women, rocking their way around the globe! Would a trip like this appeal to you? Are you going to talk to your employer about this possibility? Let me know what you think in the comments!

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